Ed Macaulay


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I'm a cosmology postdoc at the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation at the University of Portsmouth. I think it's amazing that we can look out at the most vast scales in the universe and learn about things like the extraordinarily small mass of the neutrino, the nature of the invisible dark matter, the laws of gravity, or the physics of the very earliest moments of the universe.

I'm a member of the supernova cosmology group in the Dark Energy Survey. I'm especially interested in developing methods to use supernovae to test the physics of the dark universe in new ways. This allows us to measure parameters that haven't traditionally been measured with a high redshift supernova survey, such as Hubble's Constant, or the amplitude of density fluctuations via the effects of peculiar velocities and gravitational lensing.

I love astrophysics outreach, and I've presented many talks and activities to schools, astronomy groups, and the public. I supervised a summer project with Ross Knapman to develop Cardboard Cosmology: an app to view cosmological surveys in virtual reality with Google Cardboard.

Cardboard Cosmology


Updated May 2018